About us

Welcome! We are so glad you chose to look up Panania Anglican Church Online. We are a bible-based Church situated in the south-west of Sydney. We hope you enjoy perusing this site and find it helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way, or if you would like more information on our Church. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Our Mission
As a Church family, we are passionate about growing together as we know Jesus Christ and make him known to others. To help us achieve this goal, we engage in a wide variety of ministries, covering all age groups and life-stages. To find out more about this, please visit our ministries page

What to expect:
The best way to get to know us at PAC is to attend one of our services. We hope that all our services will be helpful to you, whether you are already following Jesus or just wanting to find out more about him. Each service runs for a little over an hour and no prior knowledge is assumed; you won’t be required to say or pray anything that you do not believe. At the heart of each service is a reading and explanation from the Bible, and we also sing some songs, pray and catch up on Church family news. Sometimes we welcome new members through baptism, and we may share together in the Lord’s Supper. We welcome people from a variety of backgrounds and age groups.

A Warm Welcome
We welcome new friends that visit us both during and after the service. However, we do nothing to single out or embarrass our new visitors.

Children & Youth
We offer several children and youth ministries during our 10am Family service. You can find out more about this here.

Parking & Entrance
The best place to park is on Lambeth Street, we are situated at the top end near Tower Street. There is also a small car park at the front of our Church for disabled parking. You’ll find people at the entrance door to welcome you and help you find your way.

After our services we share time together with refreshments and snacks.

Each of our services cater to different life styles and musical tastes. Our 8am service is a traditional hymn book service. Our 10am service has a small band and plays upbeat songs, both old and new. Our 6pm service has a modern musical style with upbeat and fresh songs.

We believe that praying to God is an important part of the Christian journey and we love to pray together. Prayer is a regular part of our Sunday meetings together.

When should i arrive?
We recommend arriving ten or so minutes prior to our service starting times. These are 8am, 10am and 6pm. You can find out more on our services page here.

What should i wear?
You will find great diversity of casual clothing here at Panania. It’s really up to you!