It’s a wonderful thing for a man and a woman to offer their lives to each other in marriage.  We are committed to helping young couples who are considering a Christian marriage understand the nature of the promises they are making to each other, as well as assisting with the many practical details concerning the wedding day.

Because we take marriage seriously, as a gift from God, we invite couples to participate in a marriage preparation course run by our staff.  This usually involves four or five meetings in which we discuss what the Bible says about marriage.

If you are interested in having your wedding at our church please contact one of the ministers, who would be pleased to help you with your inquiry.

It is strongly advisable to book your wedding at least six months in advance to ensure that the day of your choice is available.  You will need a notarised copy of each of your birth certificates.


Having a new baby is an exciting time for a family.  It’s no wonder many people like to have their children baptised as a way of welcoming them into the world.

However, baptism is about membership in God’s family. It’s important that children being baptised, along with their families, meet regularly with other members of God’s family, where they can be encouraged to live as God calls us to live in His word.

If you would like to have your child baptised please come along to one of our services, and introduce yourself to one of our ministers who would be pleased to begin organising the baptism with you.

For further information contact David Milne by email at – or on (02) 9773 8097.

For adult baptisms please contact one of the ministry staff, and we’ll be glad to meet with you to discuss this further.